Our mission is to assist the persecuted church in its sufferings, empower it to reach its own for Christ, and enable it to rise out of long-term poverty.

The needs of the persecuted church are many. We routinely reassess these needs and develop and implement methods to meet them.

Leadership Training: The greatest need we see within the persecuted church is Biblical training and discipleship. Since Christian activity is typically illegal in these countries, most believers and churches are forced underground. This has caused both a hindrance to evangelism and an inability to disciple those that are saved. Our role is to facilitate and underwrite the cost of training church leaders in secure locations, equipping them to better evangelize, disciple and plant churches. As the church leaders become stronger in their knowledge of God’s Word via discipleship, they are enabled to in turn disciple and evangelize in their areas.

Church Planting: As leaders are trained, they are better able to evangelize the lost and disciple their own. As people are saved, the need for additional churches arises. These leaders are able to train their own to oversee the newly planted churches. The end result is new churches in new areas, allowing outreach in a new area. The role of the local church in missions outreach is of the highest priority with our mission teams.

Bibles: God’s Word is vital to any Christian work. Christian literature, including the Bible, is limited in all of these countries, and illegal in most. We work with our underground supplier relationships in these countries to print and place Bibles, hymn books and other Christian material.

Micro-enterprise: Many Christians are excluded from the employment they need to support their families or the local economy allows little economic gain. We will provide the tools necessary for impoverished Christians to establish a small business, allowing them to provide for themselves and to support their local church.

Prison Ministry: Many Christians are arrested and suffer in notorious prison conditions simply for their faith in Christ. Our goal is to assist the families of those imprisoned, and to provide food and medicine to the prisoners.

Listening Ministry: Many people in these areas are illiterate or blind unable to read any Christian material. We supply both cassette tapes of the Bible and cassette players for both evangelism of unbelievers and discipleship of believers.